About Us

TS is a managed services company. We specialise in offering a wide range of services, tailored to suit your business's unique requirements. Founded in 2010, TS boasts a number of high-profile clients who rely on us to assist them in managing their day-to-day affairs. Many of the companies we work with are considered to be the most innovative and groundbreaking players in their respective fields. Partnering with us allows our clients to focus on being the best at what they do.

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Our Services

Human Resources

TS can handle all aspects of HR management in your organisation, freeing you from the expense of staffing a human resources department. Our expert team specializes in sourcing the world's best information technology professionals.

Software Development

Managing an internal software development team is an expensive, and often risky exercise. We at TS have the necessary expertise to scope and develop world-class end-to-end software solutions. Outsource your development requirements to us!


Our security and protection consultants are known as experts within the security industry, in their own right. We offer protection, risk assessment and management, and investigative work.


Our legal team handles the day-to-day risk management and compliance for any business. With experience with intellectual property, tax structuring and technology law, we're perfectly suited to manage your international or domestic operation


Our finance team is experienced in ensuring an easy and sustainable plan for your accounting needs. We offer support across the full spectrum of accounting functions including payroll, finance, and tax.


Our marketing team specialises in both traditional and digital marketing practices. Our strategic approach to marketing will not only improve the quality and efficiency of your marketing solution but place your business ahead of the curve.

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