Our Clients

Tari Labs
Tari Labs are building an open-source blockchain protocol. By partnering with us when it comes to HR, security and financial administration, Tari can concentrate on their core business with laser-focus.
Cryptocurrency is taking the world by storm, and GloBee is in the business of making that happen. As a cryptocurrency payment gateway, founded in 2017, they enable e-commerce merchants to accept crypto as payment. TS has been involved in each step of the way and has provided Globee with legal consultation, financial administration, recruitment, marketing and even executive protection.
Big Neon
Big Neon is a start-up that is revolutionising the ticket sales industry, and they rely on TS to take care of their day-to-day administration. TS provides Big Neon with HR, administrative and security services.
Naild.ink was an online nail product store marketed to salon owners in South Africa. The company was also the sole distributor of GellyFit, a Korean gel polish, in the country. TS managed all aspects of Naild.ink.
Wheels Club
We have guided it from its inception through to becoming the most-visited luxury vehicle business website in South Africa, displacing well-known competitors
The Amber Collection
Luxury, self-catering vacation rentals located in Plettenberg Bay, marketed to the local tourism industry so they can experience the best of African hospitality. TS provides The Amber Collection with the full scope of manages services from marketing to administration.
Magical Crypto Friends
Magical Crypto Friends, or MCF, is a Youtube channel collaborative between Riccardo Spagni (lead maintainer of Monero) and other notable cryptocurrency experts. MCF combines news and technical issues in bitcoin. TS provides MCF with marketing assistance, including video editing and motion animation services.
Magical Crypto Conference
Hosted annually, by the Magical Crypto Friends, in New York and Singapore, the Magical Crypto Conference is a fun and light-hearted cryptocurrency conference. This conference is ideal if you want to delve into the technical approaches of Bitcoin, participate, network, and learn. MCC relies on TS's marketing services.
Neura is a UK based holding company founded by TS. Neura is changing the way we use and pay for utilities by working with the same technology that brought smart-devices to our homes. Neura is providing durable outdoor smart devices for both rural and urban environments. TS offers technical advice, as well as financial, admin and secretarial assistance to Neura.
The US-based company, MyMonero, is a lightweight web crypto-wallet, that natively supports Monero. MyMonero was built and developed by TS to be a simple way for merchants to use crypto in their businesses. MyMonero is to be used online, on your computer, or your phone.