Executive Protection:
All our operatives have vast protection experience both locally and abroad as can be seen below simply by the protection services we offer:
  • Executive protection
  • In-house family protection
  • Celebrity protection
  • Security Drivers
  • Red carpet events
  • Venue Protection
  • Elite Guarding
  • Armed escorts (corporate & industrial sectors)
  • International security planning
Strike Reaction:
With our inside knowledge of trade unions, specialist tactics in information retrieval, and riot control, we have first hand intelligence regarding looming strikes and can assist in planning and executing the placing of qualified strike reaction officers to safeguard your property and working employees.
Private Investigations:
A vast service including private, forensic, corporate, financial, fraud, undercover, and employee malpractice investigations
Risk/Threat Assessments:
Carrying out risk assessments, preparing and implementing a plan of action, and keeping both up to date will not in themselves prevent accidents and ill health but they will play a crucial part in reducing their likelihood.
Polygraph Investigations:
We at Protection S.A make use of the industry’s leading polygraph experts to obtain reliable intelligence and information when it comes to the following:
  • Criminal investigations (polygraphing of interested parties).
  • Pre-employment screening and vetting.
  • Statement of events verification.
  • Witness statement truth verification.
TSCM Screening and Debugging:

Intellectual property and trade secrets need to be protected as it can obviously cause serious harm to your organisation. This includes confidential meetings in offices and boardrooms where decisions are being made.

Our qualified Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) technicians are standing by to assist and to do a sweep of all offices and boardrooms at your offices to give you peace of mind that “Big Brother” is not listening in.

Always know who you dealing with. Service includes, background checks, criminal history checks, ITC checks, consumer tracing, qualification checks.