Application Development & Maintenance

An application development partner is an invaluable tool when it comes to creating and maintaining high-quality applications. Our software development team has experience in the specification and development of applications across the full software development life cycle. We oversee everything from maintenance, such as updating, modifying and re-assessing to fixing issues and improving performance.

Application Modernisation
Our developers specialise in refactoring, re-purposing, and redevelopment, allowing us to transform your legacy software and align it more closely with current business needs. We thoroughly investigate your application code and infrastructure to provide detailed guidance on the improvements required to ensure your company achieves optimal performance.

Systems Integration
We use modern software development best practices to interface existing systems with third-party systems. Our enterprise integration services help businesses, their clients and staff to stay connected to the digital environment, while consistently delivering improved results across the board.

Software QA Audits
An integral part of software development is ensuring that third-party applications follow best practices, securing against security vulnerabilities. Our reports provide findings and recommendations on how to refactor software projects and bring them in line with modern best practices.

Contract-Based Resources
Are you looking for a team of dedicated developers? Hire only the resources you need, for only as long as you need them, ensuring project delivery within a budget, you can afford.

Industry Specialisations

  • Fin-tech
  • Real-time communications
  • Payment processing
  • Cryptocurrency
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